Video: Lightning hits Spinnaker Tower

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PORTSMOUTH News reader Mark Bartlett managed to capture this video of the Spinnaker Tower being struck by a bolt of lightning during last night’s storm.

The stormy weather was felt around the Portsmouth area overnight.

To view another video of lightning striking Spinnaker Tower click here

Ellie Stokes, spokeswoman for Spinnaker Tower, said the structure is hit once or twice a year by lightning, as a result of being so tall.

‘We have lightning conductor rods at the top of the tower,’ she said. ‘It is a conductor rod right at the top, in the spire.

‘Getting hit by lightning doesn’t affect the tower in any way, it just goes straight through it.

‘Last year we were hit by lightning twice, as we had quite a few of those storms.

‘It is not often though. We only really know about it when people post photos showing it.’

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