Video: Offbeat - Daughter saves mum the day after CPR training

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A heroic daughter saved her dying mum by performing CPR for five minutes - just one day after completing a first aid course.

Kelly Johnston, 22, has been branded a hero after she came to the rescue when mum Eileen, 60, went into cardiac arrest - despite only having training the day before.

The support worker was asleep in bed when she heard her dad, Ian, shout “she’s not breathing, she’s dead.”

Kelly was asleep in bed when she heard her dad shout “She’s not breathing, she’s dead.”

The support worker ran to her parents’ bedroom and found dad Ian stood over his lifeless-looking wife.

The pretty blonde, from Kidderminster, Worchester, said: “I leapt out of bed and opened the door and mum was lying on the floor looking purple. “My dad was stood over her on the phone to paramedics while he trying to do chest compressions at the same time. “Straight away I took over and gave her mouth-to-mouth which is when she started to gasp for air. “The training just kicked in - I never thought I’d have to use it, let alone on my mum.” Kelly works for Dimensions, a company that care for adults with learning difficulties, and require all staff to undergo first aid training. Kelly took her course the course with ten others just a day before she saved her mum’s life. She said: “I’ve never been put in a situation where I’ve had to use first aid training and I always wondered how I would react.

“But I started doing it straight away, it was natural.