Video - Offbeat: Former pop star beats potato phobia by smashing spud into fan’s face

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Former pop star Brian Harvey has tackled his bizarre phobia of potatoes by smashing a spud into a fan’s face in a hilarious Youtube sketch.

The sketch plays on the idea that Brian, who was lead singer of the nineties boy band East 17, had not touched a potato for 11 years after a freak potato-related accident left him fighting for his life.

In 2005, the singer was crushed under the wheels of his Mercedes when he leant out of the driver’s seat to vomit after gorging on three jacket potatoes in one sitting.

He shattered his pelvis, broke his ribs and punctured a lung in the accident. Brian, now 42, developed a phobia of potatoes following the ordeal and didn’t touch the veg for the following 11 years.