Video: Offbeat - Hungry kitten called Dusty rescued after getting head stuck in a drainage hole

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The five-week-old female stray got herself in a tight spot while scavenging for food in the 10ft-high bin on Tuesday morning (5/1).

When binmen came to empty it she panicked and as she tried to escape she got her head wedged in the two-inch wide drainage hole.

A few hours later a member of the public spotted the black-and-white moggie’s head poking out and heard her meowing and called the RSPCA.

Three fire crews and an animal rescue crew dashed to the car park in Hailes Park Close, Wolverhampton, West Mids., at around 11am.

Two firefighters climbed inside the bin and held the cat steady and it took another 30 minutes to slide her out using a plastic collar smothered in lubricant.