Video: Offbeat - World hen racing championship going strong 100 years on

At 23 years old is Flame the oldest cat in Hampshire?

At the age of 23, is Flame the oldest cat living in Hampshire?

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Nevermind the Olympics, one of the world’s most keenly fought over and eccentric world championships has just been held in an English village.

The world hen racing contest has been staged in the Derbyshire village of Bonsall for more than 100 years.

Over 600 supporters lined the street on Saturday to cheer on their feathered favourites as the battled for the highest honour in hen running.

Speaking about the hotly fought contest, organiser Collete Dewhurst said: “It was such a brilliant day and everyone there had a great time.

“In one of the qualifying races one hen stopped off for a dust bath mid-race, but still managed to take first place.”

The race was held, as it has been for the last 25 years, in the village of Bonsall, Derbs.