Video: St George’s Day parade in Emsworth

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PRIDE was beaming from every corner of a community for St George’s Day.

For the seventh year in a row, Emsworth invited the army to hold a grand parade through the streets.

Michelle Pascoe who runs the cafe at Emsworth railway station

Michelle Pascoe who runs the cafe at Emsworth railway station

Hundreds of people lined the pavements waving the English flag, surrounded by shops decked in red and white as the patriotic sounds of the Royal Artillery Band echoed through the town.

Today held special significance because of the forthcoming 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

And it was the official re-formation of 170 (Imjin) Battery as part of 12 Regiment Royal Artillery, which is based at Thorney Island.

The Battery was once part of 47 Regiment, which moved out of Baker Barracks last year and had previously done the parade with great skill.

Soldiers were presented the Emsworth-Imjin Rose to mark the ‘extraordinary heroism’ of the men who fought in extreme conditions at Imjin River during the Korean War in April 1951.

Gwen Sargent, nine, a pupil at Thorney Primary, was lucky enough to present her father with the rose.

Major Matt Sargent, second in command of 12 Regiment, said: ‘It was really nice. It was a great pleasure because both she and my son Johnny were both here in 2009 for the first time they did this.’

Hannah Ashdown, 34, from Birdham, dressed her three-year-old son Charlie as St George.

‘It’s a lovely celebration,’ she said.

‘It makes you realise how much we have to be proud of – and it’s nice to start them early!’

Mavis Maynard, 70, from Drayton, said: ‘It’s lovely to celebrate St George’s – it was lost for a time.’

Sheila Wain, 75, from Fareham, said: ‘It’s my granddaughter’s birthday on St George’s Day and I always send her a St George’s card as well as a birthday card. It’s England – the best place in the world.’

Even Emsworth railway station was decked in red and white.

Michelle Pascoe, 47, a former Royal Navy sailor, who now runs the cafe, said: ‘It’s Great Britain – we are great.’

The annual event has raised more than £25,000 for forces charities and is paid for by Emsworth Business Association.