Volunteer celebrates 40th year helping our area’s domestic abuse victims

Julia Mundy
Julia Mundy
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A LOT can change in the space of 40 years – but change is usually a good thing.

That is the message from a woman who is celebrating 40 years of volunteering with Southern Domestic Abuse Service.

Julia Mundy, 69, first started volunteering for Southern Domestic Abuse Service in 1977 – just as the service was starting up.

Since then, she has seen both the world around her and the service itself evolve to keep pace with the times.

She said: ‘When I started out at the house in Leigh Park, things were pretty basic.

‘People knew that domestic abuse was an issue, but our provisions for sufferers was nothing like it is today.

‘I think that as it has become something that people are more aware of now, which is certainly a good thing.

‘Generally speaking, domestic abuse is taken much more seriously nowadays – I’m glad that I have been able to make a difference for people who otherwise would not have had anyone to turn to.’

At first the refuge in Bedhampton Way was run entirely on a voluntary basis.

The service says that it is thanks to people like Julia sacrificing their time that things have advanced to where they are today.

CEO of Southern Domestic Abuse Service Claire Lambon said: ‘For a charity to have served the local community for 40 years is an achievement but for an individual to have been involved for all this time is amazing.

‘Julia’s contribution as a volunteer and trustee is incredible.

‘Many remarkable women have given up their time and I would like to say thank you to all who have served in the last 40 years.’

If you are being affected by domestic abuse please contact Southern Domestic Abuse Service on 0330 16 5112.