Volunteer leaves £40,000 to Angel Radio

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A NOSTALGIA radio station which provides a lifeline for older people has been left a huge legacy by a volunteer.

Linda Watson worked as a volunteer office manager at Angel Radio for seven years until her death in December.

She left the station £40,000 in her will, and this will be spent on a new transmitter.

Station founder Tony Smith said Ms Watson was so dedicated she would spend 12 hours a day at the station, almost every day.

But very little is known about Ms Watson, who was 69 when she died.

Mr Smith said: ‘We were absolutely staggered when we were contacted by Linda’s solicitor.

‘We had no idea she was going to leave such a legacy.

‘Linda had worked with us as an office manager since 2007.

‘Despite being very nice and liked by everyone, she was extremely quiet and private and we know very little about her.

‘She lived alone but we do not know if she was ever married or had children. All we know is she must have liked it here very much because she would come in at 7am or 8am and stay until 8pm or 9pm most days.

‘She was extremely efficient. We know that she used to work at the Daily Telegraph and the BBC in office roles.’

In the same week the legacy was announced, two digital radio listeners donated more than £500 to the station.

Mr Smith has put in a bid to take over from The Breeze to broadcast across Fareham, Gosport, Portsmouth and Chichester.

At the moment the 101.1FM frequency only broadcasts to the Havant area.

Ofcom has yet to make a decision on whether to award Angel the licence but, if it does, it will need £28,000 for a new transmitter on Portsdown Hill.

Mr Smith added: ‘I’m a great believer in things happening at the right time.’