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PEOPLE are being encouraged to nominate inspirational older people as part of a new campaign to celebrate the elderly.

The new 60 over 60 campaign celebrates the growing numbers of older people in the UK and around the world.

Nominees can be from any walk of life and could include older people in the community who make a difference to those around them by volunteering or acting as carers, or world renowned figures such as Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Sir Alex Ferguson.

In the UK more than 14 million people are over 60. The campaign aims to draw attention to and celebrate the fact that people are living longer by focusing on inspiring older people.

Nominations will be open until Friday, November 23.

Chris Roles, director of Age International, said: ‘One of the benefits of being older is having a lifetime’s experience, wisdom and ideas to share with others.

‘Across the world, older people are making a difference to their communities whether that is their village, city or on a global stage.

‘60 over 60 aims to capture the unique contribution of older people to society in many different ways.’

To find out more information on how to vote, please visit billionactions/60over60.