Wardley Watch: Follow swimmer Anna’s progress

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ENDURANCE swimmer Anna Wardley her swim around the Isle of Wight.


GO GO GO Anna Wardley sets off

GO GO GO Anna Wardley sets off

10:30 - Anna swims the to end of pier to officially start.

11:30 - Anna is past the first hour point 10 minutes ahead of her own schedule.

12:30 - Anna is 15 minutes ahead of schedule at the two-hour point.

13:30 - Anna is powering along east of Cowes.

14:30 - One of the kayakers has capsized but Anna remains on track for Yarmouth at 4pm.

15:30 - Water temperature is 16.8C and she has passed Yarmouth, on track for the Needles at 5pm.

16:30 - Around 90 minutes ahead of schedule Anna approaches the Needles.

17:30 - Anna tells her team she is doing well during a feed and is now around 12 miles from St Catherine’s.

18:30 - Anna is around 9.75 miles from St Catherine’s.

19:30 - Anna’s main support boat Maverick breaks down.

20:30 - Break in transmission.

22:30 - Anna approaches St Catherine’s Point as she reaches the 12 hour point. Anna has swum nearly 30 miles.

23:30 - Anna loses the help of the tide as she heads for Ventnor.

00:30 - Anna battles to reach the shelter of Ventnor Harbour.

01:30 - Anna makes it to the shaloow waters and is 20 metres from the shore. She takes a pause for an energy drink break.

02:30 - At a little bay west of Ventnor Anna takes on more food and drink. This time a Red Bull, ginger cake and painkillers.

03:30 - Anna reaches Steephill Cove.

04:30 - Anna swims past Ventnor Harbour.

05:30 - Anna is heading for deeper water as she attempts to make the most of the tide when it turns.

06:30 - It’s the 20 hour point and Anna heads for Culver Cliff.

07:30 - Anna is swimming across Sandown Bat at a swift 2.5 knots. She is due to reach Culver Cliff at 9am.

08:30 - Anna breaks her personal best for her longest ever swim. She’s been in the water for more than 21-and-a-half hours.

09:30 - Speeding around Bembridge, Anna could finish as early as 11:30, which would be 25 hours of swimming.

10:30 - Anna has been swimming for 24 hours. She should complete her 56 mile challenge at 11:45.

11:30 - Anna is fed a jam donut as she moved closer to the finish line. She is now due to complete her swim at midday.

12:30 - This last stretch towards Ryde Pier is being to take its toll on Anna. She takes on another feed as she looks ahead to the last half-a-mile.

13:07 - Anna touches in at Ryde Pier to complete her swim in 26h 33m 28s. She becomes only the fourth person to swim around the Isle of Wight.