Warning issued after man-of-war sightings

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SOLENT Coastguard has issued a warning to people not to touch a powerful jellyfish which has been spotted along our shores.

It’s believed that Portuguese man-of-war have been spotted in West Wittering and the Selsey Bill areas off the West Sussex coast already this week.

They can deliver a nasty, powerful sting and should not be touched.

Yesterday Solent Coastguard also received reports of sightings in Chale Bay on the Isle of Wight.

The advice from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is not to touch the jellyfish with bare hands, and seek medical attention if you are stung.

Dr Peter Richardson, of The Marine Conservation Society, said: ‘They are very dangerous creatures.

‘Though no-one in the UK has been killed as a result of being stung by one there have been reports of deaths abroad.

‘We encourage people to report any findings to us. Look but don’t touch.

‘It’s unusual because Portuguese man-of-war are creatures that are found in warm waters.

‘There’s evidence to show that we have been getting more frequent pulses of warm water from the equator in the last 50 years.’

The MCS also ask that any sightings are reported to them.

Go to mcsuk.org or call 01989 566017.