Warning over risk of grit poisoning dog paws

Picture: Dogs for Good
Picture: Dogs for Good
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ROCK salt laid out on roads and pavements can be toxic to dogs, the RSPCA has warned.

The group has warned that grit may cause pain or irritation in your pet’s paws, especially if it becomes compacted with snow, causing their paws to tear.

Salt content in grit can also make it hazardous to pets if they ingest it, potentially causing kidney damage.

Suzanne Norbury from RSPCA South West said: ‘We urge pet owners to be cautious when grit is being spread on roads, as rock salt can be toxic to dogs and cats if they lick it from their paws or fur.

‘This is because ingestion can cause a high blood sodium concentration which can cause thirst, vomiting and lethargy, and in severe cases kidney damage.

‘The best thing to do is to thoroughly wipe your pet’s feet, fur and tummy after they have been outside.

‘If you believe your pet has ingested rock salt then contact your vet immediately.’

For more information about poisoning in pets, go to rspca.org.uk.