WATCH: Cheeky kitten plays peek-a-boo

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This is the adorable moment a cheeky kitten plays peek-a-boo - by jumping out of a cardboard box.

Two-month-old ‘nuan nuan’ shunned brand new cat toys and preferred a tatty old cardboard box to play inside.

The amusing video shows him hiding in the dark at the bottom of the box before leaping out through the closed flaps to surprise owner Nicha Malee.

Nuan nuan quickly gets the hang of the routine and keeps Nicha, 37, and her partner in suspense as they wait for him to jump out ‘’like a jack in a box’’.

Nicha, from Nonthaburi near Bangkok, Thailand, said: ‘’We were playing with nuan nuan and he really liked to go inside the box. ‘’He was hiding in the bottom then jumping out to surprise everyone. I think cats are quick learners because he understood the game.

‘’Nuan nuan kept climbing back inside, hiding, then jumping out like a jack in a box. He could see we thought it was very funny, and kept doing it again. ‘’He’s so cute. I think he likes to make people laugh.’’