WATCH: Could you be Spinnaker’s next great detective?

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MYSTERIES can only be solved with a sharp mind and great teamwork.

That is the message coming from staff at the Spinnaker Tower, as they launch the Sherlock at Spinnaker puzzle game.

Sherlock at Spinnaker

Sherlock at Spinnaker

The game, which is designed for families visiting the tower, celebrates Portsmouth’s associations with the great detective’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Families and other groups are tasked with solving the mystery surrounding a grizzly murder in Portsmouth Harbour.

Upon their arrival, challengers receive a mysterious package containing letters, artefacts and evidence to decipher.

Additional hints are supplied throughout the tower for people to find – to see if they can find the answer to the mystery.

The Spinnaker Tower is also offering exclusive Holmes High Tea for those who want to reward themselves for being the city’s top super sleuths.

Here, the traditional afternoon tea gets a Sherlock Holmes twist with food and drink inspired by the eponymous detective, all served with a liquorice pipe in The Clouds cafe – 105 metres above sea level.

Jenny Nolan from the Spinnker Tower said: ‘We will be running this game throughout the rest of September.

‘If demand is high enough, it will probably return at a later date.’

According to Jenny, the game should prove to be sufficiently challenging for groups to complete.

She said: ‘The whole point is to give people something really engaging to do here at the tower – we didn’t want something that people would complete in five minutes.’

Running through how the game works, Jenny says that Sherlock at Spinnaker could have a few twists and turns in store.

She said: ‘When the group first opens the package, they will see a letter introducing them to the mission.

‘The documents that we provide in the pack will supply them with clues – but it isn’t quite as easy as it looks.

‘People will have to search throughout the tower to solve the mystery, so it can’t be completed by just sitting in the cafe.

‘They have to decide what to do with the clues, because there really isn’t too much guidance in the pack.’

The game is suitable for groups of up to six people.

Jenny added: ‘We want teams to take part in this challenge so that they can bounce ideas off of one another.

‘One person might be fiddling with a clue but not be able to figure out the connection – whereas someone else in the group may be able to figure it out.

‘It isn’t just a great way for families to get engaged in a day at the Spinnaker Tower – it serves as a fantastic teambuilding exercise for adults as well.

‘I think this is going to be a really successful and popular game – it is running until the end of this month and we hope lots of people will be able to get involved.

‘Whether they can solve our mystery is another matter, and down to their problem solving and teamwork.’

For £15 per person, budding sleuths will receive entrance to Emirates Spinnaker Tower, a clue pack for their group and drinks vouchers for the Tower’s Waterfront Cafe.

The Spinnaker Tower is open every day from 10am-6pm.

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