WATCH: Daredevil base jumpers leap off of Beachy Head

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A group of daredevils strapped on their parachutes to go base jumping - at Beachy Head.

The 16 jumpers, from countries including France and South Africa, headed to the cliff in East Sussex.

A base jumper leaps from Beachy Head

A base jumper leaps from Beachy Head

An onlooker said they "flew like birds", before cracking open their parachutes and floating down to the ground.

Freelance film maker Jack Adams, who went to video his friends, said one participant even did a back flip off the edge.

The 22-year-old sky diver said: "It was just after sun rise, and the sky was nice and golden. "I took photos from the edge of the cliff. "There was lots of mist, and it looked stunning. We couldn't see the beach at one point.

"They all lined up, and jumped off. There was a big crack when the parachute opened.

"One guy did a huge backflip off the top. To see it off a cliff, followed by a guy opening his parachute, was something else to see.

"They all landed safely, because they are all skilled at what they do." Jack, from Lewes, East Sussex, said: "It was absolutely insane, but really cool.

"I do sky diving, so I am used to having a parachute on. "But it was really cool to see them fly like a bird for a few seconds, and then open their parachute.