WATCH : Man lets 60,000 bees land on his head

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This brave nature-lover risks his life by allowing 60,000 BEES to cover his face - because they comfort him.'

The 21-year-old, named Nature M.S., has been around the buzzing insects all this life because his father Sajayakumar is an award-winning beekeeper and honey maker.

Bees swarm on Nature M.S.

Bees swarm on Nature M.S.

He started doing stunts with bees when he was just FIVE and now regularly lets the pollinating insects free from their boxes to gather on his face.

The agricultural student from Thrissur in Kerala, India, insists he doesn't feel their stings because they are simply "playful bites".

Nature insists he can even go about his daily life with the bees buzzing around his head - and can read books, walk, and even DANCE with them in place.