WATCH: Mum gives birth on Facebook

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A brave blogger gave birth in her own bedroom - with an audience of more than 62,000 people watching live on Facebook.

Sarah Cantwell, 28, started streaming her home birth on social media at 5am - just an hour before she gave birth to baby Maeve Elizabeth.

Sarah and Maeve

Sarah and Maeve

The clips show the second-time mum on all fours on her bed with the midwife behind her while she explains how her waters had broken - pausing for a huge contraction.

While her daughter Rosalie slept happily in her bedroom next door, she was blissfully unaware her mum was giving birth to her 7lbs 10oz baby sister at the family's home in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

In a fourth and final video Sarah described giving birth to Maeve live on Facebook as "the most perfect birth - it was everything I wanted".

A total of 62,500 Facebook users around the globe watched her on videos streamed live on the Channel Mum Facebook page.