Watch: Rescuers aid swimmer Anna Wardley after jellyfish attack

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BRAVE Anna Wardley shows the jellyfish stings that brought the first stage of her latest long-distance swim challenge to an agonising end.

The experienced swimmer started the her first of three stages in a bid to swim from Menorca to mainland Spain this week.

But in the first stage of the Balearic Challenge she was stung by jellyfish and the swim was stopped so that she could be rushed to hospital.

The dramatic moment she was hauled from the sea was captured on video by her Balearic Challenge team.

But the determined swimmer from Gosport was soon posing for pictures to show that she was still on her feet and says that and once she is feeling better, she will complete the 22-mile swim from Menorca to Majorca.

She was discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon and travelled back to the UK.

Anna Wardley after being discharged from hospital after being stung by jellyfish during her Menorca swim

Anna Wardley after being discharged from hospital after being stung by jellyfish during her Menorca swim

A member of Anna’s support crew said: ‘Anna appreciates very much the love and support from everyone.

‘Before this happened she was strong and steady, in good spirits and there was lots of laughs.

‘She’ll look forward to collecting hugs from everyone soon.’

Anna had to be pulled from the water at 3.30am after suffering severe jellyfish stings to her arms and legs.

My mind, heart and soul are ready for this moment.

Anna Wardley

She was airlifted to hospital where she remained overnight.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Anna has been stung by jellyfish. In one of her final training sessions, she was hospitalised.

The 40-year-old said before the swim: ‘Just a week ago I was hospitalised due to a severe reaction to jellyfish stings sustained during my training.

‘I have trained for this for months. My mind, heart and soul are ready for this moment.’

Anna Wardley swimming off Menorca

Anna Wardley swimming off Menorca

As reported, Anna’s Balearic Challenge will see her swim from Menorca to Majorca, then Ibiza and finally on to mainland Spain becoming the first person to attempt the journey.
The challenge is 133 miles long and will be the furthest distance Anna has swum with the final and longest leg standing at 55 miles.
The second phase of the swim will be completed in June with the challenge finished in July.
She will be raising money for different charities including Marine Inspirations and the Marine Animal Rescue Project.
Anna’s last swim challenge was in 2013 and she raised £65,000.
She swam around the Isle of Wight as part of her Five Island Swim Challenge.
She also swam around Dragonera, Portsea Island, Jersey and the Isle of Tiree.
To keep updated with Anna’s progress visit her website at