WATCH: Runaway car smashes into living room

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This is the horrifying moment a runaway car caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage after ploughing into a shocked family's living room

. Astonishing footage shows the driver chasing the vehicle as it gains speed while hurtling down the road in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

The runaway car mounts the kerb

The runaway car mounts the kerb

It then mounts the kerb before smashing into the home of Donna Martindale, 49 and her husband Gary, 55, who live with their son Matthew, 11.

Luckily the family were all away from home at the time - because the car crashed into the exact place where they would normally be sitting.

Mrs Martindale, who works in a call centre, said: 'Where Matthew and I normally sit on the chairs took the impact. Had one of us been in - it makes me feel quite sick.’