Waterlooville man has new lease of life thanks to home dialysis

TWO years ago, Matt Herbert did not have the energy for exercise, found it hard to do full-time work and was spending 15 hours a week in hospital.

Thursday, 11th August 2016, 6:22 am
Matt Herbert with his home kidney dialysis machine which means he can carry out self dialysis at home Picture: Ian Hargreaves (161096-5)

But thanks to home dialysis the 36-year-old has completed the Great South Run, works up to 60 hours a week and goes on weekly cycle rides.

Matt suffers from kidney failure condition focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, known as FSGS. He has been on dialysis for 18 years after a transplant failed.

Two years ago, he was offered the chance of home dialysis and says it has transformed his life.

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‘Portsmouth is one of the best areas for offering home dialysis,’ he said.

‘When Queen Alexandra Hospital offered me the chance to do it, I was really keen.

‘It has completely changed my life. I can do the dialysis more often and for longer so my blood is cleaner and there is less pressure on my heart.

‘My energy levels have really gone up and I am among a handful of people on dialysis who have completed the Great South Run.’

Matt and his wife Kay, from Waterlooville, are also expecting their first child which is another benefit from home dialysis.

He added: ‘Because I am healthier and less tired, we have been able to concentrate on our relationship and starting a family. It has been great that we can do that.’

Matt, who works as a chef, would go to QA Hospital three times a week for sessions of dialysis up to four hours long.

Now he has his own machine, he can do the dialysis overnight for eight hours, every other night.

‘Clearing the liquid from my system more often puts less stress on my body and means I am a lot healthier,’ he added.

‘I can go for bike rides now and it saves a lot of trips to the hospital. My working hours have increased and I just feel a lot better.’