Waterlooville’s Chris loses four stone after TV show appearance

SLIMMER Chris Longley
SLIMMER Chris Longley
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SLIMMER Chris Longley lost an impressive four stone after appearing on Channel 4’s Supersize vs Superskinny.

Chris, 26, spent a week in America meeting 35-stone Joe Amador, after his sister encouraged him to apply to the show when he reached 25 stone.

He said: ‘The main thing for me was takeaways. I was eating at least one a night and sometimes two to three a day. It was getting expensive too. Going to America was an eye-opener. Joe was 35 stone – not as big as some people but he was only four years older than me with health problems. I could see myself becoming like him. It encouraged me to think I don’t want to be like him – he’s a lovely guy though.’

He added: ‘It was quite daunting the idea of changing – this is what I’ve always done and always been.

‘I see big people all the time but it was the personal interaction that helped.

‘He explained what he ate and I ate what he was eating – it was a bit strange because I was usually the person who ate the most.’

Chris, of Highfield Avenue, Waterlooville, seized the opportunity to lose weight and ease his health problems with the help of the show and has continued to watch what he is eating.

‘I’ve lost four stone now. It’s a portion-controlled diet, nothing mad. You have to measure different amounts of rice, sugar and snacks.

‘You’re allowed to eat anything but just in controlled portions.’