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CUPPA Andrew Gadsden of All About Tea with Anna Orford from Guinness.  Picture: Paul Jacobs (114086-1)
CUPPA Andrew Gadsden of All About Tea with Anna Orford from Guinness. Picture: Paul Jacobs (114086-1)
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IT’S 8ft tall, weighs 19 stone and could make more than 50,000 cups of tea.

This huge Portsmouth-made tea bag was declared the largest in the world by Guinness Book of Records yesterday.

Fratton-based company All About Tea proudly hoisted the world-beating creation onto the deck of HMS Warrior to smash the previous record of a 10-stone tea bag made in America.

‘The record is in the bag,’ yelled the firm’s owner Andrew Gadsden, 35, after Guinness adjudicators announced it was a succesful attempt.

The former Royal Navy officer, who calls himself the ‘saviour of tea’, spent four days stuffing the needle-stitched bag with a blend of Indian Assam and Kenyan tea he’s named Portsmouth Tea.

He said: ‘The previous record was held by the Americans but I thought the record for the largest tea bag ought to be a British record because Britain is well-known as the biggest tea drinking nation in the world.’

It took six men and a pallette truck to get the tea bag aboard HMS Warrior for the world record attempt yesterday.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford was on hand to certify All About Tea’s effort.

She said: ‘It beats the previous record hands-down.

‘It’s almost twice the size of the one set in America in January earlier this year. The tea bag looks great. It looks like a big sail here on this ship.’

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Cllr Cheryl Buggy, was among the spectators aboard the Warrior.

She said: ‘It’s a bit of fun but on a more serious note for me this shows a succesful Portsmouth company who are very passionate about bringing tea production back to our city where it belongs.’