We’re planning a right royal Jubilee knees-up

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NEIGHBOURS are busy planning an event that will see dancing in the streets to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Live music and a DJ will perform a street party to mark the big day on June 3, organised by the residents of Victor Road in Milton.

Partygoers will wear fancy dress to the outdoor event, which will include a competition for best outfit.

And there will be face painting for the children. Organisers also hope to give the youngsters a personalised gift as a memento of the day.

One of the organisers, Sheila Hill, 52, said: ‘We have a lot of children on this street and we want to make sure they have a good time with their families. I still remember the party I went to for the Silver Jubilee and we want them to have the same sort of happy memories. It’s a legacy to pass on.’

The neighbours will bring a selection of food to share, and some will bake cakes.

Residents are holding a meeting next month to discuss their plans and come up with more ideas to make their party go with a bang.

Co-organiser Dawn Staker, 47, said: ‘We want everyone to get involved and feel like they’ve played a part in organising the party. It’s for everyone, so we should all have a bit of an input.

‘It’s only a small road here, but we still don’t know half the people who live on it, so it will be good to have a chance to chat to each other.

‘And it will be nice to see the children playing together and socialising with other kids.’

The road will be cleared of cars to make room for the party and tables and chairs put out in the street.

Sheila added: ‘The royal family are brilliant – events like this are an important part of our history.

‘It makes me proud to be British and gives us a good reason to party.’

n If you’re having an event to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, call reporter Sheanne Mulholland on (023) 9262 2170.