What's up, Doc? Vet will spend day in the life of a rabbit to raise awareness for welfare concerns

A VET will be assuming the role of one of her fluffy patients to raise awareness for a pet welfare concern.

Wednesday, 10th August 2016, 5:55 am
Vet Rebecca Wright will be spending seven hours in a kennel to raise awareness of bunny welfare

Rebecca Wright, who is a veterinary nurse and pet health councillor at Sanctuary Vets in Farlington, will dress up as a rabbit and spend seven hours in a kennel.

Rebecca is donning a bunny onesie and hopping in her own human-sized hutch on August 13 to raise money for the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund.

Rebecca, 30, is taking on the pledge at the surgery on the Mountbatten Estate to raise awareness of rabbits’ need for space and activities, which she says is often ‘overlooked’.

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She said: ‘It is to educate rabbit owners on the needs of their rabbits in relation to space and entertainment.

‘Many rabbits are still confined to hutches that are too small for them to live active, happy lives.’

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, which was founded in 1996, has been working to improve living conditions for domestic rabbits through its campaign, ‘A Hutch Is Not Enough’.

According to the RWAF, rabbits are one of the most neglected domestic animals, despite being the third most popular pet in the UK.

The charity said: ‘A huge proportion of rabbits live out their days in a small hutch with little or no exercise, or are unwanted and discarded onto rescue centres that are already bursting at the seams.’

The RAWR recommends a living space of at least 6ft by 2ft by 2ft, attached to a secure exercise run of at least 8ft by 6ft.

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