Why can’t we find Apple a loving home?

RECOVERING Apple the dog is on the mend
RECOVERING Apple the dog is on the mend
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HE’S affectionate, fun-loving and loves playing with children.

But poor old Apple the dog just can’t find an owner to love him.

And people at the charity which rescued him from a life of neglect say it could be because of the colour of his fur.

Greyhound Rescue West of England which is based in Bishop’s Waltham, has failed in its attempts to find a loving home for the two-year-old lurcher, which was found abandoned in a terrible state in Chichester in August last year.

One theory is that people are less likely to go for black dogs because they have an irrational dislike of them.

Emily Burns-Sweeney, rehoming officer for GRWE, said the charity often found it hard to find homes for dogs like Apple.

‘We really struggle with black dogs,’ she said.

‘Some people see them as depressing and aggressive. People just have a ridiculous fear of black dogs.

‘It could stretch back to medieval times.’

Apple was underweight, suffering from mange and sprayed in purple paint when rescuers picked him up.

The charity has since nursed him back to health and he has now made a full recovery.

‘But nobody has come forward to take him in five months.,

Mrs Burns-Sweeney added: ‘He was found on the streets with no hair whatsoever. He was in a pretty horrendous state.

‘He gets on with everyone. He’s great with humans and other dogs.

‘He doesn’t seem to have any effect from his poor treatment. He’s a smashing dog.

‘Apple is going to be a fantastic family dog. He’s great with humans and fabulous with children.’

Greyhound Rescue is looking for a home where the new owners will have plenty of time and energy to spend with Apple.

He would suit a home where there are older children and possibly another dog.

The charity says he does not get along with cats.

If you may be able to help, please call 07000 785 092 or visit grwe.com to find out more information.