Woman in dispute with Vodafone over £613 mobile phone bill

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YVONNE McCluskey blinked in disbelief when she found £613 had been taken out of her bank account to pay her mobile phone bill.

The 55-year-old was stunned when she rang her mobile phone company, Vodafone, and an operator told her she had used 2,000 minutes – around 33 hours.

Yvonne McCluskey

Yvonne McCluskey

Ms McCluskey has spina bifida, uses a hearing aid and says it is impossible she used the phone for that long.

Because of weakness in her hands, she says she can only hold a phone for a few minutes at a time.

The mum, of Victoria Road, Emsworth, said: ‘It came straight out of my account.

‘I am not even on the phone that long.

‘I am only ever on the phone for two or three minutes.

‘I can’t even hold a phone for any longer than a couple of minutes.

‘I don’t know how they can turn round and say I have been on the phone for that long.’

Mrs McCluskey’s allocated usage is 900 minutes a month and she normally pays around £50.

The calls were allegedly to her son-in-law Simon Muns and her boyfriend John Kemp.

She has been left out of pocket.

Ms McCluskey was angry that the cash was taken out of her account without consulting her first.

She added: ‘The money was to pay my carer – I could not pay her.

‘I could not pay any bills.

‘I just can’t believe they have taken it out.’

Mr Muns, 34, from Waterlooville, said: ‘They took £613 out of her account.

‘She’s devastated. There’s no way she could hold a phone for nearly six 

‘They are trying to say 2,000 minutes of phone calls. There’s no way she could do that.’

Jane Frapwell, a spokeswoman for Vodafone, said: ‘We’ve checked Ms McCluskey’s account and we can see a high number of calls – some of them over one hour long, others for less than a minute.

‘Calls are charged at a rate of a minimum of one minute so even a 20-second call would be billed for one 

‘Unfortunately, Ms McCluskey’s price plan only allows for 900 minutes. We would be happy to change this to unlimited minutes and texts but this would mean a higher monthly charge.

‘We are confident that the charges are fair and accurate but as a gesture of goodwill, we can offer to reduce these charges by 20 per cent.’

Mrs McCluskey said she had cancelled her Vodafone account.