Women ‘could have been killed’ after stolen car smashes into them in Fareham

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TWO WOMEN ‘could have been killed’ after a stolen car smashed into them before driving off, according to firefighters.

The crash on St Michael’s Grove in Fareham at 4pm on a busy Friday afternoon saw three cars involved in the pile-up after the driver of the stolen car lost control.

Despite crashing, the driver of the vehicle then sped off before the car was found dumped nearby.

A woman in her 40s needed emergency medical treatment at the scene but is not thought to have gone to hospital.

Another lady was also caught up in the collision who needed treatment.

A spokesperson for Gosport Fire Station, who attended the scene and treated the females, said: ‘The woman was in shock and needed emergency medical care. Another lady had to be treated, though she was in a less serious state.

‘The stolen car crashed into the female drivers before making off and dumping the car.

‘It was lucky no one was killed, it could easily have been a fatal accident especially at the time of day with it very busy and lots of children about after school.’