Work under way to build Victorious site in Southsea

Crowds at last year's Victorious Festival
Crowds at last year's Victorious Festival
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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ORGANISERS are hard at work setting up for the highly-anticipated Victorious Festival.

Stages and fences are already being built on Southsea Common in preparation for the bank holiday event.

And those behind the festival held a meeting with police today to provide an update on their plans to manage the crowds.

James Ralls, festival co-organiser, said he can’t wait for it to go ahead.

‘We’re all happy about the way things are going,’ he said.

‘Hopefully everyone who comes down will have fun.

‘We want it to be as great as possible. This is going to be great for the local economy. The council predicted it would bring in £2m to £3m but we are probably talking more than that 

A transport plan has been produced to help ease congestion on the roads.

Park-and-ride buses will run every eight minutes from 1000 Lakeside to help alleviate pressure on the new Tipner transport service off the M275, which will also be running. Buses from the festival site will run back to Lakeside until the early hours.

Visitors are encouraged to cycle in another bid to stop gridlocks. Avenue De Caen and Clarence Esplanade from the Blue Reef Aquarium to the Pyramids Centre will be closed on Saturday and Sunday as it is part of the festival site.

Around 80,000 revellers are expected to turn up over the two days to help make the festival a huge success. Tickets are expected to sell out before next weekend, but there are still some up for grabs.

The beer festival due to be held in The Pyramids is now going to be held in a huge tent by The Big Top because the venue is still closed for repairs.

Headliners include Dizzee Rascal and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

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