Yacht stuck in water could cause damage

STRANDED The yacht Tamaha in water near Horsea Island
STRANDED The yacht Tamaha in water near Horsea Island
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A YACHT has been stuck in water near Horsea Island after vandals released it from a marina.

The yacht, named Tamaha, has been stuck in the beach near Horsea Island since last Monday and efforts are being made to release it.

Gregory Mantle, who owns it, fears that if it is not released soon, it could cause major damage to other boats which use that strip of water.

The 52-year-old, who lives in Wales, said: ‘The last time I saw the yacht was a couple of weeks ago.

‘I keep it at public marina at Hardway, Gosport, and when I went there a few days later, it had gone.

‘I contacted police and it was found last Monday at Horsea Island.

‘It is well and truly stuck and I fear that other boats could knock into it or it could come free itself and drift in the way of the boats.’

Military police and a Royal Marines Sailing Club have attempted to get Tamaha out but to no avail.

Mr Mantle has also stayed on the boat hoping that the incoming tide could help shift it from the beach.

He added: ‘After the police could not release it, I thought I would try as I could get onboard.

‘But the tide wasn’t strong enough. It getting more and more damaged.’

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘Police were called at 11pm on May 12, 2013.

‘A man aged in his 50s from Wales had moored his 30ft boat named Tahama off moorings next to the Hardway Sailing Club.

‘On returning to Gosport to see his boat, it had gone.

‘The man suspects someone has undone the moorings intentionally.

‘It’s believed the boat left his moorings sometime between 11pm on May 12 and 6am on May 8, 2013.

‘The boat was later located beached on Horsea Island.

‘Police are following lines of enquiry.

‘Anyone with information are asked to contact Gosport Police Station by phoning 101.’

Mr Mantle bought Tamaha in February and had plans to use the yacht for people to experience sailing.

He said: ‘I wanted to use it for a non-profit organisation to give Royal Navy veterans and disabled people the chance to sail.’