‘You don’t have to look like an Instagram model’ - Meet Miss Hampshire Curve 2018

Miss Beauty Curve Pageant Contestant Hollie Jackson            Picture: Vernon Nash (180062-1)
Miss Beauty Curve Pageant Contestant Hollie Jackson Picture: Vernon Nash (180062-1)
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BE PROUD of your curves.

That is the message from pageant contestant Hollie Jackson who will be representing the county at this year’s Miss British Beauty Curve 2018.

The 18-year-old from Fareham said: ‘I am so excited to represent the county and I just want to be a positive message for young girls that you don’t have to look like that Instagram model with the flat stomach.’

This is Hollie’s second time at the pageant, which takes places in August, and this year she hopes to take home the crown.

She said: ‘It is so important to me that people love their bodies and I think for young girls there is so much negative pressure for us to be a specific image.’

The pageant has three rounds including glitz and glamour, swimwear and evening wear.

Hollie said: ‘This is going to be my last year as I want to concentrate on my career, as planning for a pageant takes a whole year.

‘But I hope that I will be able to do it again as I love the confidence it has given me.’

Hollie, who studied at Havant College, hopes to be a nurse working with disabled children.

She said: ‘As part of my role I attend charity events and through that I have met and learnt more about the work of local charities, including those that run workshops with disabled children.

‘Using this platform, not only have I been able to help charities become more well known, I have been inspired for a future career.’

Hollie’s family and friends have supported her, despite some negativity she has received.

She said: ‘My family have been massively supportive over this and said I would never have the confidence to do this and it’s so inspiring.

‘My friends have mostly been supportive and most think it is inspiring and ask how I have the confidence to do it, but there are a few who have said why am I doing it as I will never win.

‘But to me I think there will always be that 10 per cent who don’t support you and I just ignore it.’

Hollie added: ‘At the end of the day I was put on this earth and if I want to be proud of my body then I will, and if you don’t like it then don’t look!’