'˜You don't have to make radical changes': Healthy food campaigners give out advice in Portsmouth

SHOPPERS have been given a number of tips and tricks to help them switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Saturday, 20th January 2018, 4:48 pm
Updated Saturday, 20th January 2018, 4:52 pm
Shukrya Saida signs up for further information and vouchers, helped by Shona Green. Picture: Vernon Nash

On Saturday the Change4Life campaign pitched up in Tesco in Crasswell Street, Landport, to show parents how swapping snacks can make a big difference to their children.

Campaigners showed off the Food Scanner app – which shows parents how much sugar is in each particular snack.

Team leader Lisa Gillings said: ‘Having days like this is really important.

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‘What really gets people is some of the things that look healthy, but are a bit deceptive.

‘We have had some parents come in that point to the flavoured water, for instance, and say that it is healthy – but the opposite is true and it really takes them aback.

‘It really is as simple as swapping out the snacks though – you don’t have to make radical changes.

‘Instead of having small packets of sweets, have a cereal bar. There’s a lot less sugar and the bar – which can be bigger than a packet of sweets – still comes under 100 calories.’

Southern event manager Dave Edwards said that the traffic light system for nutrition is often a cause of confusion.

He said: ‘The traffic light system that you see on food packaging at the moment isn’t uniform.

‘Sometimes information can be twisted, and in other cases the colours themselves aren’t actually there.

‘Today has been really great – not everyone is aware of what is actually in these snacks so it has been a real eye-opener.

‘I would say about 90 per cent of people know about the Change4Life campaign, but it is the little details about what we – and the app – can do to help. That is why we are out here campaigning.’

The Change4Life Food Scanner app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.