Young adventurers make Lively Lady seaworthy

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A CREW of youngsters has been working hard to make a historic vessel seaworthy again.

The young adventurers want to take Sir Alec Rose’s Lively Lady on her third trip around the globe.

They have been working tirelessly to make the vessel seaworthy again by repainting her and overseeing a major refit.

Alan Priddy, who previously sailed Lively Lady around the world with a crew of youngsters from the Portsmouth area, said: ‘After two years Lively Lady is back looking her best.

‘Because she had been left out of the water for two years, her hull had opened up.

‘A team of young adults have been taking it in turns to man the pumps and stop her sinking. After six days the water stopped coming in.’

Portsmouth City Council recently agreed to lease the 62-year-old vessel – first sailed around the world by Sir Alec Rose in 1967 – to Mr Priddy’s Portsmouth-based charity Around and Around.

The revamped Lively Lady is now ready for her maiden sail on April 2, where she will lead a fleet of 50 sailing dinghies for a fundraising event on the Isle of Wight.

If you would like to help with the restoration of Lively Lady, or join its crew for the adventure, contact Alan Priddy on 07802 237125.