Youngsters refurbish Portsmouth care home as part of National Citizen Service programme

GOOD CITIZENS Teenagers refurbished parts of the Bluebell Care Home
GOOD CITIZENS Teenagers refurbished parts of the Bluebell Care Home
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A group of teenagers have renovated a care home in Portsmouth as part of 
the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme.

A team of 15 to 17-year-olds successfully planned, fundraised and carried out the refurbishment of Bluebell Care Home’s garden and cinema room in the space of two weeks.

In the hope of stimulating the residents of the home, the group of 11 filled the garden with colour and plants and added a personal touch by creating a mural.

They decided to make the most out of the space in the cinema room by decorating it in a Hollywood 1950s style.

Ian Smith, the owner of Bluebell, said: ‘It was nice to work with NCS.

‘The residents enjoyed what they did and were very happy with the outcome of the project.

‘We look forward to welcoming them back if they ever wish to come back.’

Team member Izzy Tudor-Williams said: ‘We are incredibly proud of every single team member.

‘They have all come on leaps and bounds, developing confidence, compassion and a strong bond within the group.’

The team got together as part of the NCS scheme which runs outside of term-time in England or Northern Ireland, for people between the ages of 15 and 17.

It gives them the chance to develop new skills, make new friends and make their UCAS application stand out by allowing them to plan and carry out their own project in the community.

Team member Zarina Robson added: ‘The work they have done will truly leave the famous NCS legacy on the community and the friendship they have built with Bluebell has opened both their minds and opportunities for them.’

The programme also involves outdoor activities, attending great events and receiving a certificate signed by the Prime Minister.

Getting involved during the summer means living away from home for a while to learn to budget and cook for themselves.

For more information about the NCS and how to get involved, go to