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Tots counted pumpkins and lit a candle in memory of their loved ones as they took part in a large charity walk.

More than 500 kids put on their walking shoes for the children’s Moonlit Memories Meander in aid of The Rowans Hospice.

.'Ready for the off - walkers warm up

.'Ready for the off - walkers warm up

The event was held in the Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth, and youngsters could choose between doing one lap of the 1.5 mile circuit, or two.

First over the finish line were Tilly Mae, 11 and her dad Dean Moret, 53.

Tilly, from Havant, said: ‘It was really enjoyable. It’s nice to know you are doing something for charity – it’s such a good cause.’

The pair signed up for the event in memory of their friend Jan Duke who was at the hospice when she was ill with cancer.

Dean, also from Havant, said: ‘People at The Rowans made it much easier for Jan when she was ill, they helped her a lot.

‘This is our way of saying thank you to them, and it gives us a chance to think about her.’

Every child who took part in the event was awarded a medal after they had completed the walk, and a hot meal.

Mum Teresa Cole, 33, and her daughter Riley Barnett, three, also laced up their walking shoes to take part.

They did the walk in memory of Teresa’s great-grandad who died from lung cancer when he was at the Rowans.

Teresa, from Southsea, said: ‘Riley was so good the whole way. She loved counting the pumpkins and the sweets kept her going.

‘It’s nice to be able to bring her to something like this and get her thinking about charity in a fun way.

‘And it’s good for me to have some time to remember and reflect on all the good times I had with my great-grandad.’

Around 15 Brownies from first Portsmouth Brownies joined in with the fun in aid of the hospice.

Tawny Owl Lesley Hansford, 48, from Copnor, said: ‘The girls love doing fundraisers, we’ve done quite a few of them now. They wanted to do this one because we have all been touched by cancer in some way, myself included.

‘I have a few friends that have died at the Rowans Hospice. The work they do there is just incredible which is why I wanted to support it’

Around £18,000 was pledged to the hospice through the participants’ sponsors, all of which will be spent on running the hospice’s services.

Ann Cooper from The Rowans said: ‘It has been a fabulous event. We’re so pleased that so many people took part and that we managed to raise so much.

‘Events like this are crucial for the hospice. It costs £4.5m to keep the centre running every year and we have to get that money from somewhere – we couldn’t survive without fundraising events like this.

‘But as we are an adult centre, it’s particularly good to be able to do something like this with children.’

Children who signed up to take part in the walk

Alexis Adams

Shay Adams

Trinit Adams

Rafe Adams

April Aldis

Esther Aldis

Ellie-Mae Aldridge

Lucie Aldridge

Alfie Allen

Sophia Louise Allen

Daisy Allery

Erin Anderson

Martha Anderson

Willow Anderson

Blane Andrade

MacKenzie Andrade

Finley Archer

Fletcher Archer

Hannah Arnott

Caitlin Arthur

Amy Ashcroft

Rebecca Ashcroft

Rosie Auckland

Ronnie Awcock

Charlie Awcock

Kasey Ayrton

Maddy Bailes-Collins

Ethan Bailey

Henry Bailey

Eve Bailey

Jess Bailey

Mabel Bailey

Ruby Bailey

Austin Baker

Gabriella Baker

Skye Bardoe

Isabelle Barnes

Riley Barnett

Max Barter

Samuel Bennett

Thomas Bennett

Ryan Betts

Chloe Betts

Daniella Betts

Leonie Betts

James Biddlecombe

Caitlin Biddlecombe

Rosie Blain

Joe Bleach

Emilie Borsley

Eve Borsley

Isaac Bourne

Jamie Bowbrick

Lily-Mae Bowbrick

Jacob Bradley

Jonathan Bray

Abbigail Brewer

Connie Brewster

Emily Brewster

Tilly Brice

Emma Briggs

Theodore Brixey

Wilfred Brixey

Sebastien Browning

Daisy Browning

Scott Brunnen

Lauren Brushwood

Megan Brushwood

Jacob Jansen Bryant

Molly May Bryant

Charlotte Bucksey

Gabrielle Burnett

Hannah Burns

Dudley Burt

Kaitlyn Burton

Aaron Butcher

Heidi Butcher

Flora Butler

Aaliyah Buxey

Abigail Buxey

Sadie Cable

Jack Callard

Jack Calver-Smith

Luke Camerson

Ellie Caplen

Nathan Caplen

Keira Carnall

Adey Carnall

Imogen Carter

Kelise Carter

Esme Cavavagh

Ellie Chambers

Harry Cheyne

Oliver Cheyne

Joely Chittenden

Alfie Chittenden

Luke Chittenden

Jessica Chudley

Mary Clare

Francis Clark

Kyla Clark

Alfie Clarke

Darcey Clarke

Stanley Clements

Kitty Clements

Thomas Coache

Daniel Collins

Ellie Collins

Erys Cook

Myan Cook

Bondon Cotton

Laven Cotton

Redford Cotton

Iesha Cowlin

Jordan Cowlin

Jordan-Louise Crockett

Macy Crockford

Sarah Crowder-Johnson

Jack Cullington

Jesse Cummins

Ella Cummins

Ashtyn Cunningham

Lois Cunningham

Macy Cunningham

Montanna Currie

Jake Daraz

Toby Daraz

Jay Davey

Anais Davies

Katy Davies

Kiera Davies

Lola Day

Ruben Dhami

Jasmin Dhami

Jack Dixon

Daniela Dobby

Charlie Dopson

Keeley Dow

Jack Dow

Amelia Downing

Florence Downing

Jessica Duffield

Charlie Duffy

Tia Duggan

Matilda Durrant

Kayla Earley

Chet Eastman

Jamie Edmonds

Mark Edwards

Olivia Elias

Hugo Elias

Taylor Ellis

Reece Elwell

Lauren England

Pheobe Erridge

Naish Erridge

Lucy Evans

Alexander Evans

Amelia Evans

Lucy Evans

Ellie Fantini

Jay Fantini

Thomas Faulkner

Cody Fay

Karl Fellows

Ben Ferguson

Elouise Ferrigan

Imogen Fitzgerald

Amelia Fitzgerald

Jacob Fleet

Kai Forrester

Sian Forshaw

James Fox

George Frampton

Josh Francis

Freya Gallie

Georgina Gambetta

Peter Gambetta

Emily Gandar

Hallie Gearing

Jayden Gearing

Lana Mai George

Lily Jane George

Jaxon Lee George

Becky Gibbs

Henery Gittins

Hugo Gittins

Heather Gittins

Charlie Gladwell

Poppy Glanfield

Stefanie Gonzalez-Magana

Leo Gonzalez-Riches

Charlie Gooch

Harry Gooch

Alana Goodger

Zahrah Goolam-Mahomed

Lucy Grace

Ella Grant

Evie Grant

Christian Grech

Samuel Grech

Joseph Green

Ella Green

Katie Green

Sophie Green

Connor Griffiths

Heather Griffiths

Joseph Grout

Stirling Grout

Charlie Hague

Mia Haines

Amelie Hale

Chloe Hale

Alfie Hallitt

Jessica Hampton

Jake Hampton

Grace Harding

Oscar Harris

Emma Harris

Lilian Harris

George Hartridge

Matthew Hartridge

Henry Harvey

James Harvey

Lillie Haskett

Joel Hawkins

Abigail Hawkins

Lara Hawkins

Rowan Hawkins

Jack Hawkins

Katie Heasman

Charlie Heather

Polly Heather

Abigail Hector-Thomas

Rosie Heir

Charlie Henslow

Finlay Hewitt

Joshua Hibbs

Samual Hibbs

Oliver Hickman

Aston Higgins

Leo Higgins

Emma Hill

Nathaniel Hockey

Brody Holden

Lenny Holden

Abigail Holden

Alexander Holman

Bailey Homans

Summer Homans

Daniel Honebon

Lewis Honebon

Sebastian Hopkins

Abbie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Kiera Hopkins

Stella Hopkins

Summer Hopkins

Callum Hopkins

Alexandra Howell

Jennifer Howell

William Hucklebridge

Grace Hucklebridge

Millie Humby

Jessica Humphreys

Isabella Iredale

Herbie Irish

Evie Jackson

Ella Jacques-Stevens

Pippa Janes

Kayla Jardine

Ruby Jeffery-Chipps

Emily Jenkins

Rianne Johnston

Umi Johnston

Connie Jones

Aidan Kelly

Liam Kelly

Tamzin Kelly-Howick

Archie Kelly-Howick

Ellie Kennard

Connor Keoghan

Ben Khurshid

Mia Khurshid

Laila Kidby

Cole Kirven-Walker

Tom Kitchingham

Ryan Kneller

Rhianna Knight

Isobel Lamb

Oscar Lambden

Tillie Lamb-Symon

James Lang

Liz Langley

Jordan Legg

Hayden Legg

Ethan Lewendon

Jasmine Lissaris

Morgan Little

Thomas Lock

Abbi Loftus

Chloe Loveridge

Alfie MacDonald

Spencer MacRae

Elliotte MacRae

Caitlin Mahoney

Chloe Anne Manners

Lauren Elizabeth Manners

Bella Mantel

Maddie Mantel

George Mardle

Olivia Marsh

Gemma Marshall

Oscar Marshall

Jasmine Martin

Rebecca Martin

Max Maun

Amelia Maun

Amelia Maun

Max Maun

Jianna Mbata

Sarima Mbata

Jack McDaid

William Michael McGannan

Carmen McKerr

Ross McLachlan

Erin McLeod

Hannah McLeod

Keelan McLeod

Ella Mengham

Joseph Mengham

Joshua Metcalfe

Crawford Middlemiss

Olivia Milne

Alexandra Milner

Oliver Molesworth

Wilfred Moore

Harriet Moore

Matilda Moore

Abigail Moorhouse

Tilly-Mae Moret

Poppy Mullins

Bailey Mullins

Oakley Munro-Simpson

Jamie Murdoch

Shane Murdoch

Russell Musson

Paige Musson

Sarah Musson

Daniel Neaves

Emily Neaves

Kitty Neville

Thomas Newman

Harvey Newman

Jessica Nicholson

Luke Noble

Alfie Norman

Jaymie Norris

George Oldland

Noah Ord

Reuben Ord

Seth Ord

Riley Osborne

Erin Palmer

Beth Park

Aidan Parkes

Henry Parkes

Poppy Pattinson

James Payne

Alice Payne

Nelson Peachey

Callum Peacock

Courtney Peacock

Cydney Pepperman

Lauren Pinney

Ellie-Jane Poole

Luke Poole

George Porter

George Porter

Olivia Porter

Taylor Price

Izzie Rahman

David Ranshaw

Travis Ray

Talia Richards

Danielle Robinson

Niamh Robinson

Adam Robinson

Alex Robinson

Megan Roper

Daniel Roper

Edward Ross

Erin Ross

Arlo Russell

Matilda Russell

Harry Sage

Isabella Sage

Beth Salter

Jessica Salter

Ella Sandy

Max Sandy

Bo Sansom

Ellie Sansom

Emily Saville

Heather Saville

Miranda Saville

Jasmine Sayer

Lisa Sayer

Nicole Scowen

Emily Sergeant

Luci Sergeant

Grayce-May Sexton Birch

Archie Sexton-Birch

Reggie Sexton-Birch

Noah Shankland-White

Oliver Shannon

Katie Shardlow

Sebastian Sharpe

Daniel Shelverton

Albert Shepherd

Melissa Simner

Kati Simpson

Dillon Simpson

Duncan Simpson

Alexander Sisman

Daniel Sisman

Milessa Smith

Freddie Somerville

Mia Somerville

Harley Rose Sparks

Thomas Spry

Amelia Spry

George Starkey

Oliver Stockley

Anna Stockley

Keara Stone

Lanie-May Stringwell

Lucy Stuart

Daniel Swadling

Martha Swadling

Catherine Tagg

Owen Tagg

Amelia Talbot

Hannah Taviner

Hermionie Taylor

Daniel Taylor

Lewis Taylor

Max Taylor

Oliver Taylor

Katie Taylor

Olivia Taylor

James Teasdale

Faye Thomas

Kullum Thompson

Kieran Todd

Bethany Todd

Dylan Topliss

Jaimee Topliss

Rose Towler

Jeremy Towler

Albert Trevellick

Charlie Tubb

Isabelle Tubb

Caitlin Tucker

Alfie Turford

Ollie Turford

Max Twinam

Hannah Ugboma

Samuel Upton

Skye Vacher

Luc Valentine

Zoe Valentine

Faren Vary

Jaxon Vary

Scarlett Wall

Emillia Walsh

Imogen Walsh

Joshua Warwick

Kurt Warwick

Kacie-May Warwick

Natalie Watford

Grace Way

Tahlia Wearn

Ruby Webdale

Eloise Wedge

Hannah Wedge

Harley Weekes

Ellie Welch

Portia Welch

Lauren Wells

Bradley Wells

Harry West

Lilia West

Zoe West

Heidi Weston

Harry Whatley

Grace Wheeler

Matthew White

Mia White

George Whitehead

Harry Whitehead

Jessica Whitehouse

Harley Whiting

Bethany-Mae Wilcox

Josie-Leigh Wilcox

Thomas Wilkins

Jethro Wilkinson

Finn Williams

Hamish Williams

Millie Williams

Joshua Williams

Oliver Willis

Jessica Willis

Erin Wilson

Isobel Wilson

Liberty Wilson

Phoebe Wilson

Sophie Wilson

Monty Wingham

Toby Wingham

Tilley Wingrove

Zac Winter

Maddie Winter

Alice Wood

Layla Woodward

Cassie Wool

Faith Wool

Jaimie Worley

Jessica Wylde

Thomas Wylde

Jack Young

Alice Young

Madeline Young

Lucas Young

Max Young

Louis Zee