Peregrines make their return to cathedral

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AS spring approaches the familiar sight of a peregrine falcon has been seen flying around a cathedral.

James Cameron spotted the birds flying around the spire at Chichester Cathedral.

‘Pigeons and herring gulls scarpered,’ said Mr Cameron, who works at the nearby Novium Museum.

Tim Webb, from the RSPB, confirmed the peregrines were back.

He said: ‘There are peregrines at Chichester Cathedral and they are currently in their mating season, so the male will be showing off and both will be very visible.

‘We are planning our event to show off the birds and their young via CCTV at the cathedral and hope to be on site to tell the birds’ remarkable story and urban colonisation from April 9.’

Each year, the RSPB sets up a stall in the Cloisters Cafe and people arrive to look through telescopes at the birds of prey and watch live feeds. This year will see a kit update, with a new camera and microphone.