Petrol on barbecue leaves two in hospital

The yacht being towed to Gosport. Credit: GAFIRS

Rescuers tow 44ft yacht to Gosport after fire and engine failure

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A MAN and a three-year-old girl were taken to hospital after petrol was poured onto a barbecue.

Firefighters from Waterlooville Fire Station were called to the incident on Wildmoor Walk, in West Leigh, at 3.50pm yesterday.

Garden decking and a fence were damaged during the blaze. The two victims were treated for minor injuries.

Watch Manager Craig Sadler said: ‘You should never use any kind of accelerant when cooking on a barbecue as the consequences can be catastrophic.

‘Not only can the fire quickly spread causing damage your property, more importantly the out of control fire can put people at risk of getting burnt.’

Following the incident, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service issued some barbecue safety advice. It says to always use a barbecue in a well ventilated area, take care not to tip it over, and keep children away. It stresses to only use approved barbecue fuel or fire lighters and never to use petrol or paraffin, and to empty the spent ash on to garden soil.