A picnic for brave Harvey after bullies ruin his trip out

MORE than 50 familes attended a picnic held for brave Harvey Young after he was bullied because of his disability.

Thursday, 10th August 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:00 pm
Harvey Young (centre in Star Wars tshirt) at the picnic held in his honour

The parents of seven year-old Harvey Young were ‘saddened’ after they took their little boy to a play park and he was picked on by other children because he has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.

Harvey’s father, Nick Young posted on Facebook about the incident.

He wrote: ‘I was saddened to hear for the first time some children actually being cruel to my son this morning at the new Holly Hill park, not curiosity, nothing to do with not knowing any better, just been cruel and they were only a little older than him.’

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Harvey Young (centre in Star Wars tshirt) at the picnic held in his honour

Following the post, charity, Acts of Kindness decided to throw Harvey a picnic and show him and his family that the community cares.

Acts of Kindness co-ordinator Kerry Snuggs said: ‘ It just saddens me in this day and age that those kids were so cruel and we wanted to install some confidence in him.

‘He should be able to go to a park without being bullied.’

Held at Abshot Community Centre — free of charge from the owners — there was a spread of picnic food, face-painting and games.

Harvey with mum Natalie and sister Amy

Harvey’s mother, Natalie Young said: ‘It is really overwhelming and I am always a bit reluctant about social media but obviously the outcome has been fantastic.’

The youngster from Locks Heath, whose condition affects his legs, underwent an operation in America three years ago to help him walk better.

Family, friends and readers from The News helped to raise the £50,000 needed for the operation.

Natalie, 39, explained further about the bullying incident at Holly Hill park.

Harvey Young (centre in Star Wars tshirt) at the picnic held in his honour

She said: ‘There was a couple of children who made comments about Harvey’s legs being broken and he was questioning to me about whether his legs were broken or not. At first we just said to ignore them but he kept coming back to tell us what they had said to him.

‘He just wanted to enjoy himself at the park and the kids made him feel sad and upset.’

Nick said: ‘He is a loving and conscientious young man who cares a lot for his family and is considerate of his friends.

‘He puts a massive amount of effort into everything he does and has done an amazing job in catching up in his schoolwork.

Harvey with mum Natalie and sister Amy

‘We as parents couldn’t be prouder of him.

‘But I hope the parents of those children who belittle those less fortunate than them read this, reflect, and try to explain to their children that not every is fortunate.

He added: ‘Tell your kids that children like my son have feelings, thoughts, hopes, dreams and some of them can never be realised because of the conditions affecting their lives.’

At the event, Harvey said: ‘I have played with some bouncy balls, did some golf and had lunch and made new friends.’

Natalie added: ‘It is not just about Harvey. We want to get the awareness out there that lots of children with additional needs out there should be involved in the community.’