Picture shows hole ripped in Portsmouth ferry that ran aground

Picture: MAIB
Picture: MAIB
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This is the hole ripped in a Portsmouth ferry that ran aground.

The photograph is included in an official report into an incident in which the Commodore Clipper ran aground off the coast of Guernsey.

A report into the grounding of the Condor ferry, which ran into trouble and took on water causing major damage last July, concluded there was insufficient planning by the crew.

Investigators from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) found the bridge team were unaware of the limits of safe water at low tide in the Little Russel channel while travelling at high speed, and ‘headed into danger without appreciation of the navigational risk’.

They were also criticised because the electronic navigation system was not used effectively – the safety settings were not appropriate to the local conditions, warnings were ignored and the audible alarm was disabled.

The repetitive nature of ferry operations can induce a degree of complacency when planning, said investigators.

Captain Fran Collins accepted the report’s findings and said all safety recommendations had been implemented.

She added: ‘We know that the Clipper incident caused considerable inconvenience for many of our customers. It also meant many long hours for our dedicated staff who worked tirelessly to keep the Islands connected and supplied.

‘I’d like to thank both our customers for their patience and our staff for their hard work.’

The MAIB also found that, as the responsible authority, Guernsey Harbours did not have an effective risk assessment or safety management plan for the conduct of navigation in its statutory pilotage area.