Pictures that made The News

Pictures from The Past
Pictures from The Past
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GONE Alan Burnett's picture of the 'wanton act of official vandalism'

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TODAY we take our third look back at photographs that have made The News in the past century.

From stars such as Cliff Richard and Roy Castle, to statesmen Bill Clinton and Prince Charles, we publish pictures that told a story decades ago.

All the photographs we feature today follow the ‘C’ theme.

Every Saturday, for the coming months, we will delve into our files and publish some of the photographs that have lay hidden for years.

In alphabetical order we will reveal the pictures that told many a story from when we were The Evening News to the current The News.

Almost every decade will be explored from the early to the late 20th century.

Hopefully along the way many of you will remember the stories and photographs we publish.

So pick up a copy of The News today for our special eight page supplement, Pictures From The Past