Pint-sized Gosport woman squeezes into bottle

Ashleigh Colman emerges from a glass jar. Picture: Mick Young
Ashleigh Colman emerges from a glass jar. Picture: Mick Young
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SQUEEZING into a bottle is a tight fit even for 5ft tall Ashleigh Colman.

But the 22-year-old from Gosport delighted crowds on Thursday night when she got into a 2ft by 18in bottle during the famous Circus of Horrors Show.

Ashleigh has spent two hours a day practising for her debut with the well-renowned troupe.

She told The News: ‘I’ve been a massive follower of the Circus of Horrors for years. I applied for the position when I saw it advertised on Facebook.

‘Ever since I saw the show for the first time in 2010 I’ve been practising.’

Ashleigh had responded to an advert saying ‘Pickled Person wanted – the applicant must be flexible and must not suffer from claustrophobia’.

The mum-of-two has certainly proved flexible – fitting in a university course studying circus skills and street art at the University of Winchester alongside preparations for her contortionist debut.

She added: ‘ I thought it sounded exciting.

‘I’d seen the Circus of Horrors on Britain’s Got Talent and loved it so I thought I’d apply, but first I asked my mum to put me into anything small – a dustbin, cupboards and even a washing basket until I got used to being confined in small places.’

Ashleigh’s stunt wowed members of the audience at the Ferneham Hall in Fareham last night.

Jason Carpenter, who lives in Fareham, said he thought it must have been ‘very claustrophobic’.

He said: ‘It was mental. It was really quick. She must have had to get out of it quite quickly as it was really small.’

Councillor Dave Whittingham, a member of Fareham Borough Council, was also enjoying the show.

He said: ‘I did not even see she was in the bottle to start with.

‘I would like to know how she managed it – it was fantastic.’

Circus of Horrors boss Dr Haze said: ‘It just goes to prove the adage of running away and joining the circus – it can happen.’

Ashleigh’s debut will also be her only performance with the group.

The show is on a 100-date tour of the country.

It will return to the area when it performs at the Kings Theatre in Southsea on February 14.