Plan to create urban solar farm is revealed

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PLANS to create an ‘urban solar farm’ have been unveiled.

East Hampshire District Council has announced plans to ensure a minimum of one in 10 new homes built in 
the district will have solar panels.

The council plans to create a network of photovoltaic cells on roofs across East Hampshire to generate renewable energy for residents and revenue for the council.

Councillor Adam Carew, who is in charge of environment, said: ‘This exciting new initiative will ultimately save taxpayers’ money and provide residents with a green alternative to fossil fuels.

‘East Hants will see a lot of new homes over the next few years, if we can work with investors and developers to get at least 10 per cent of new properties fitted with panels then we can make a real contribution to decarbonising our energy supply.’

The plan would see a local installation firm, working on behalf of the council, installing the panels on to homes during construction.

The electricity produced by the panels would be used free of charge by the owners, while the council would receive income for feeding the electricity back into the National Grid, currently about 18p per unit.