Plan to help push down energy costs in Hampshire

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THE public could get a better deal on energy bills in future if a council agrees to push for a discount on their behalf.

Hampshire County Council is working with other local authorities to set up a collective energy switching service which will enable gas and electricity consumers in the county to combine their purchasing power and get a better deal on their bills.

Deputy leader Councillor Mel Kendal said: ‘For instance, there are approximately 760,000 households in Hampshire.

‘If two per cent sign up to switch energy supplier through our collective energy switching service, this would give a combined purchasing power of just over 15,000 customers, enabling the negotiation of greater discounts on their behalf.

‘The more people who sign up, the more negotiating power we will have – so it is vital as many people as possible register for the scheme.’

To get the scheme up and running, the council, on behalf of the other Hampshire local authorities, is proposing to contract an intermediary organisation to manage the collective switching process.

A decision is to be taken on January 22 at Cllr Kendal’s decision day.