Plane makes an emergency landing in Hampshire after hitting a bird

Southampton Airport exterior
Southampton Airport exterior
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A PLANE was forced to make an emergency landing this morning after an engine failure.

The Flybe service from Southampton Airport to Alicante was grounded after a suspected bird strike damaged the right propeller.

The flight took off from Southampton Airport just after 10am and made its emergency landing at 10.30am.

A spokeswoman from the airport confirmed the incident and added no-one had been injured.

She said the pilot had taken the decision to land the plane after it struck a bird and said no other flights had been disrupted as a result of the emergency landing.

A spokeswoman for airliner Flybe added ‘all passengers disembarked as normal’ and that ‘safety’ was the airline’s ‘top priority’.

New flights and accomodation have been organised for passengers by Flybe, the company official said.