Plans for major new housing estate in Havant revealed

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  • Arable fields allocated for housing in Havant’s Local Plan
  • Farmer is putting together proposals for 175 homes in West Leigh, Havant
  • Concerns raised over traffic, infrastructure and flooding
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CONCERNS have been raised over potential flooding, infrastructure and traffic problems on a proposed new housing estate.

A farmer has put forward a proposal to build 175 homes on arable fields just south of Bartons Road, West Leigh, in the gap which separates Havant from Emsworth.

In quite a short period of time we will have absorbed 500 new properties in that area

Andrew Norton

Last night, planning consultants revealed the proposals at a Development Consultation Forum at Havant Borough Council.

The forum is an opportunity to put forward plans to councillors and the community to look into potential issues before a formal application is submitted.

The land has already been allocated for housing under the council’s Local Plan, which means at some stage it can be built on.

Andrew Norton, planning officer for Warblington and Denvilles Residents’ Association, said: ‘In quite a short period of time we will have absorbed 500 new properties in that area.

‘There is a concern that if the local infrastructure is not upgraded it might not meet the demands.

‘It seems hardly credible there will be adequate drainage or doctors’ surgeries.’

Councillors Brendan Gibb-Gray and Faith Ponsonby said they felt the development could cause traffic problems along Bartons Road and neighbouring roads Horndean Road and Southleigh Road.

Cllr Gibb-Gray said: ‘At busy times it’s particularly dangerous at the moment because the vehicles coming down Horndean Road from the direction of the proposed development are often going very fast.’

Planning consultant Andrew Blackwell assured the forum traffic issues had been looked into and would continue to be ahead of an outline planning application expected in November.

And drainage expert Glenn Charles said: ‘The historic way of dealing with the springs has not been very well maintained.

‘The drainage system we’re putting in will deal with that better’.

Porous paving will also be used.