Plans show how Wallington could be protected from floods

RISING LEVELS Wallington Shore Road at high tide on January 3 ''           Picture: Paul Whittle
RISING LEVELS Wallington Shore Road at high tide on January 3 '' Picture: Paul Whittle
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PLANS have gone on show of potential ways to alleviate the flooding problem in a village.

The Environment Agency set out the results of a consultation on how it should tackle Wallington’s flooding issues.

The village is at risk from the sea, the river and surface water.

In 2000 more than 40 homes were flooded and work was carried out four years ago to protect those homes, making them airtight.

But there was further severe flooding in 2012 so more work needs to be done – particularly close to Wallington Shore Road.

Following consultation with the community and local authorities a number of ideas are being considered.

These include strengthening, and constructing new, flood walls, creating ponds or sustainable drainage systems to store water, and increasing the capacity of water movements at key bottlenecks.

David Walton, of Wallington Flood Action Group, said: ‘We started this 15 months ago and it was a blue-sky approach looking at the options for addressing the long-term flooding issues in the village.

‘We have been totally open-minded about it and we’ve started to reduce the number of options and focused on what we think are likely to be more effective.

‘We’re close now to the point where these options will be run through a computer model to decide which approach we should take.

‘We’ll then do the cost benefit analysis work to give us the best results.’

The Environment Agency will choose a preferred scheme by the summer and there will be a further public consultation.

The risks involved in the scheme will be assessed in the autumn and, by the winter, a business case for funding will be put together.

Councillor Paul Whittle represents Fareham East, which covers Wallington.

He said: ‘I would urge government agencies to support extra funding to increase protection for the village of Wallington.

‘The risk of flooding both from the rainfall and the sea defences is increasingly important.

‘And with the extra houses being built in Welbourne we do have an extra risk of flooding here in Wallington.’