Playing the bad guy in sci-fi serial

Rev Mike Duff will be playing the evil Dr Lou Cypher in The Adventures of the J Team
Rev Mike Duff will be playing the evil Dr Lou Cypher in The Adventures of the J Team
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The Rev Mike Duff, vicar, St Jude’s Church, Southsea talks about his starring role in a sci-fi serial at the church

I’M going to be in an unusual position a week on Sunday (Nov 29) – I’m going to be the baddie in my church.

We’re performing a futuristic sci-fi serial set in space, called ‘The Adventures of the J Team’.

We do an episode if it every time we have ‘Funday Sunday’ – our family-friendly Sunday morning that includes breakfast, children’s activities and a short presentation.

I play the part of Dr Lou Cypher, the evil genius who wants to take over the whole world with his brainwashing machine. My character is fighting against the heroes of the serial – Big J and his J Team.

It gives me a great chance to do some evil laughing as I hide behind my black cape, which of course I don’t tend to do in church on most Sunday mornings!

You’d be very welcome to join us from 10.30am on November 29, for real coffee, bacon sandwiches, muffins and the chance to read the Sunday papers.

Children and teenagers get the chance to play on Wii games, enjoy table football, nail painting and craft, before a quick presentation from the front, which includes our drama serial.

The cliff-hanger from last time involved an alien called Wart being sucked out of an airlock into space without a spacesuit. Come and see what happens next!

We all enjoy a battle between good and evil – especially when it involves spaceships, laser guns and aliens!

And most of our classic stories, from Star Wars to Cinderella, from Snow White to Frozen, do make it very obvious who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Real life, of course, isn’t always that simple. The characters in the Bible are all flawed people that God somehow managed to use. And most of us would probably accept that we are a mixture of good bits and bad bits. On our day, we can be kind, patient and generous.

Catch us at our worst and we’ll be grumpy and irritable.

One of the things we’ll be exploring on November 29 is what God did to help us deal with our bad bits. So come along – and you can see just how I evil I can be too!

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Sunday 29th November: 10.30am: Funday Sunday, with breakfast; 4pm: Traditional service followed by tea and cake.

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