‘Please bear with us as we complete our summer road works’

SPEAKING OUT Cllr Sean Woodward
SPEAKING OUT Cllr Sean Woodward
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The county council is stepping up its road maintenance work over the summer and I’d ask drivers to bear with us while we carry out these essential repairs and resurfacing works.

We need to make the most of the better weather during the summer and increase activity for a number of reasons.

Surface dressing – spraying the road with hot bitumen and applying a thin layer of stone chippings – can only be carried out in warmer and drier conditions.

This is preventative work to ensure roads stay in good condition for longer before major works are required.

We also need to catch up on planned works due to the cold wet winter and spring, meaning works had to be delayed and resources diverted.

Our Operation Resilience programme has a budget of £22m for 2013-14 as we continue to work to make our roads and pavements less susceptible to defects caused by extreme weather conditions and heavy traffic.

Alongside the planned works we will also be continuing our campaign against potholes.

Nobody likes roadworks and it can be frustrating seeing long stretches of cones or temporary traffic lights. But we do try to limit disruption as much as possible. However we must also remember that these measures are in place to help protect the highway workers as well as to manage the traffic.

Every year there are around 2,200 road accidents where people are injured at or in road works. It is easy to become impatient at roadworks but I would ask that when passing people working on the highway please give as much room as possible and drive slowly.