’Pointless’ work performance reviews driving workers to tears

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Most workers believe that performance reviews are a waste of time, a new study has found.

Around two-thirds of employees, and managers, said that formal reviews were time-consuming and outdated, in a survey by software firm Adobe - who themselves have abandoned the process of formal reviews.

The survey of 1500 office workers also discovered that these annual evaluations are a stressful event - twenty-five percent of men (as opposed to 18 percent of women) have cried after a review from their manager.

Indeed, 30 per cent quit immediately afterwards, so it’s no surprise that fifty-five percent would rather see their employer get rid of or at least amend the review process.

Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said they would move to another identical job if the company didn’t do performance reviews, while forty-seven percent said they had have gone job hunting straight after a review.