Pokemon Go players leave litter at Gosport site

PEOPLE playing Pokemon Go have been criticised for leaving litter at a popular spot for the game.

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 6:21 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:27 pm
Litter is being left in the Falkland Gardens in Gosport by Pokemon Go players

The Falkland Gardens in Gosport have been left in a mess by users of the app which gets players to catch virtual characters.

The site near the ferryport has had burger wrappers and drink cans scattered across the grass in the last couple of days.

Resident Barry Midgley, who lives near the gardens, called the litter ‘horrendous’.

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Pokemon is made by Nintendo

He said: ‘Since the recent craze of Pokemon, I’ve noticed hordes of people congregating near the ferry.

‘I’m all for people getting together and having fun.

‘My issue is the huge amount of litter left lying around. On the way to work, it looked like a festival site the morning after. It’s horrendous.

‘Burger wrappers and drinks cartons were strewn everywhere but the bins were left empty.

Pokemon is made by Nintendo

‘This morning there are seagulls, pigeons and rats having a feast.

‘It’s a memorial garden put there to remember the fallen of the Falkland conflict. Being a naval town lots of people know people who would of taken part.’

Leader of Gosport Borough Council Mark Hook said the authority was aware of the litter problem. But he said the rubbish was picked up daily.

‘The gardens are cleared of rubbish every day,’ he said.

‘We have got someone who works in the high street to deal with it so it does get picked up.

‘It is frustrating though when it is the public who drop the litter and the council has to pick it up.

‘I do wish they could use the bins provided.’

He added that some of the rubbish is caused when the wind is strong.

A spokeswoman for Streetscene, which looks after waste management for Gosport council, said they had not had any reports of problems in the area.