Police called to rogue horse roaming Portsmouth garden

A HORSE trotting off while it was supposed to be grazing on a lawn sparked a call to police.

Tuesday, 27th December 2016, 3:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:14 pm
This horse was seen in a Cosham garden. Picture via Twitter: @Pompeypolice

The animal was meant to be munching on overgrown grass belonging to the horse owner’s neighbour but wandered off.

Police found the animal in another garden and have now returned it to its owner’s stables in a Cosham back garden.

Sgt Rob Sutton said: ‘A call came in from a member of the public to say there was a horse in their garden, which truly, in Cosham, is a bit unexpected.

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‘So we’ve turned up to find it in someone else’s back garden happily grazing.

‘Two of the team are really into their horses, equestrian stuff, so they know that they’re doing.

‘They had a horse harness in the office so we took that with us.

‘It turned out that the garden that we found it in, that the owner needed the grass cutting.

‘The owner of the horse had asked this neighbour would he mind if it grazes – it kills two birds with one stone.

‘Unbeknown to him the horse had got out of his garden.

‘It’s now back with its owner.’

Images posted to Twitter by Portsmouth police show two PCSOs approaching the animal.

Posting on @PompeyPolice officers said: ‘Not what you find everyday whilst on patrol in #Cosham!

‘Please call us if you are missing your horse!’

A subsequent message said: ‘#Horse owner found, appears it was grazing on a neighbours lawn but managed to trot off.

‘Back in it’s stable. No little donkey jokes plz.’